Interior Design for Residential and Commercial Projects

Discover the art of interior design for residential and commercial projects with Archibuilders. Dive deep into the difference, design principles, and the role of Archibuilders in transforming spaces.

Understanding Interior Design

Residential vs. Commercial

Ever wondered about the difference between residential and commercial design? Residential design is more personal, while commercial emphasizes brand identity and functionality.

Principles of Design

From balance and rhythm to contrast and unity, these principles create harmonious and functional spaces.

Residential Design Insights

Modern Interiors

Modern designs are all about open layouts and minimalist furniture. Archibuilders ensures your space reflects contemporary trends.

Traditional Interiors

Experience old-school charm with plush furnishings and ornate designs.

Exploring Commercial Design

Workspace Dynamics

An efficient office boosts morale and productivity. Archibuilders ensures spaces are functional yet aesthetic.

Restaurants, Hotels, & More

Every space has a story. Archibuilders crafts memorable experiences through design.

Technology in Design

3D rendering, VR, and AR have revolutionized interior design for residential and commercial projects. Experience your space even before it’s built!

Choosing an Interior Designer

Portfolios Matter

Reviewing portfolios gives insights into a designer’s expertise.

The Value of Feedback

Testimonials provide genuine feedback and can guide your decision.


Whether it’s home or a commercial space, good interior design has transformative powers. Trust Archibuilders for expert insights and designs.


  1. Difference between designer and decorator?
    • Designers focus on functional spaces, decorators on aesthetics.
  2. Is Archibuilders right for me?
    • Check our portfolio and testimonials for clarity.
  3. Project duration?
    • Depends on the scope but we can give a rough timeline post consultation.
  4. Do I have input in the design?
    • Yes, it’s a collaborative process.
  5. Does Archibuilders offer virtual consultations?
    • Absolutely, catering to clients far and wide.