Home Renovation in Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC

Why Choose Us?

ArchiBuilders brings your dream home to life. Our team of experts uses the best materials and the latest design trends to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. We handle everything, so you don't have to worry!

The Home Renovation Process

  • Free On-Site Consultation
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Warranty

We start every project with a free on-site consultation. This visit allows us to measure your space and discuss your renovation goals, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or entire home makeover. We’ll take all the necessary measurements and talk about what you envision. It’s a great opportunity for us to understand exactly what you need and for you to ask any questions.

After visiting your site, we’ll begin the design phase. We’ll create detailed plans and renderings to show you what your renovated space will look like. During this phase, we keep you in the loop with updates, ensuring that everything aligns with your expectations. You’ll have the chance to make changes and approve everything before construction starts, so there are no surprises.

Once the design is finalized, our skilled team takes over for the construction phase. We handle everything from building to electrical work, ensuring it all adheres to the highest standards. You’ll be kept updated throughout the construction process, so you’ll know exactly how your project is progressing. Our goal is to minimize disruption and keep the site clean and safe.

After completion, you’ll receive a 5-year warranty on labor. This warranty guarantees our workmanship and gives you peace of mind that any issues related to our construction will be resolved promptly and professionally. It’s our promise to you that the quality of our work stands the test of time.

Most Frequently Asked Answers & Questions


How long does a typical home renovation take?

The duration of a home renovation can vary based on what you’re looking to do. Small projects, like updating a bathroom, might take just a few weeks, while larger projects, like renovating your entire home, could take several months. At ArchiBuilders, we handle all the details and planning for you, so you’ll have a clear timeline from the start.

What is the average cost of a home renovation project?

The cost of your renovation depends on many factors like the size of your home, the quality of materials you choose, and the type of renovation. We make it easy by giving you a detailed breakdown of costs upfront, with no surprises. For more insights on how much different types of renovations might cost, check out our cost guide on our blog

Do I need a permit for my renovation project?

Many renovation projects require permits to ensure everything is done safely and up to code. At ArchiBuilders, we take care of all the necessary permits and paperwork for you. This means you don’t have to worry about the legal stuff—we’ve got it covered. For more information on permits and why they are important, visit our blog on renovation permits.

How do we get started with the renovation process?

Starting your renovation is easy with ArchiBuilders! First, we’ll talk about what you want and look at your space. Then, we’ll help you design your dream renovation and give you a detailed plan. We handle everything from start to finish, so you just need to tell us your ideas, and we’ll take it from there. Learn more about how we work and get started by checking our Getting Started Guide on our blog.

Can I live in my home during the renovation?

Whether you can stay in your home during the renovation depends on the size and type of the project. For smaller renovations, you might be able to stay at home. For bigger ones, it might be more comfortable to temporarily live somewhere else. We’ll help you figure out the best option and make sure you’re comfortable during the renovation process.

How do you ensure the project stays on budget?

At ArchiBuilders, we use a design-build approach which means we handle both the design and construction of your renovation. This approach helps us ensure that everything is planned out before construction starts, reducing the chances of unexpected costs. We provide you with a detailed cost estimate upfront and our comprehensive planning means we can offer a warranty that there are no surprises during construction. We take care of everything from the initial design to the final build, ensuring it all stays within your budget.