Apartment Remodeling in Tirana - Archibuilders
Home renovation details showcasing a plush beige sofa with soft cushions, wooden wardrobe doors, and a potted indoor tree enhancing the living space

Apartment Remodeling and Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation

Date: December 2014
Location: Tirana, Albania
Value: $115,000
Client: HJ
Category: Remodels & Renovations

Kitchen Makeover

The modern apartment renovation by ArchiBuilders shines with a fresh minimalist touch. In the kitchen, sleek white cabinets stand out immediately. A unique woven pendant light hangs above, casting light over a wooden table below. Beside the table, a cushioned bench and stool offer seating. A simple potted plant and a few decor pieces bring a hint of nature inside.

Cozy Living Area in Modern Apartment Remodeling

In the heart of the modern apartment remodeling, the living room stands out with its inviting design. A spacious cream-colored couch occupies prime space, perfectly paired with a round upholstered chair. Adding to the renovated charm, a wooden sliding door doubles as a partition and a standout design feature. Wooden storage units, true to the modern renovation style, adeptly house the television setup. Above, a contemporary light fixture casts a welcoming glow, amplifying the room’s cozy ambiance.

Tranquil Bedroom in Modern Apartment Remodeling

Showcasing the essence of the modern apartment remodeling, the bedroom exudes calm and sophistication. A wooden headboard frames a plush bed, accentuated by a soft-toned mandala artwork. Complementing the renovated theme, muted bedding colors harmonize with the room’s serene ambiance. For a touch of functional elegance, a woven basket, typical of the renovation’s attention to detail, rests beside the bed, providing additional storage.

Serenity in the Bathroom

The bathroom invites relaxation with its minimalist design. A soft color palette and wooden fixtures create a calming effect. A round mirror contrasts the matte walls, and underneath, a basin sits on a wooden vanity. Decorative vases filled with dried flora enhance the space. The clear glass doors of the walk-in shower reveal a wooden slatted floor, with bath products displayed on shelves. A modern wooden door hides practical features, ensuring a balance of beauty and function.

Overall, this design focuses on simplicity, natural tones, and smart use of space, creating a peaceful, modern environment.