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About us

Who We Are

“ArchiBuilders – Home Renovation NYC” is all about combining cool design ideas with solid building skills to create spaces that look amazing and work well. Founded in Albania and now based in Brooklyn, New York, our firm is dedicated to turning visions into reality, specializing in a wide range of services from home renovations to comprehensive design-build projects. Our portfolio shows that we can handle anything from modernizing kitchens and transforming bathrooms into spa-like retreats to undertaking large building projects.

Our Team

Our hardworking team is trained to focus on the details because we believe the details make the difference. We see every job as an opportunity to improve living spaces, ensuring they meet our high standards and make our customers happy. At ArchiBuilders, we work closely with our customers, turning their ideas into finished projects that are both beautiful and practical.

Our Mission

We are always growing, but our goal remains the same: to create spaces inspired by great design, making our customers’ dreams come true and improving their lives. Whether it’s sprucing up a small apartment or designing a brand-new custom home, ArchiBuilders is all about excellence and ensuring our customers are happy with the results.

President of Construction Company

Alson Bibaj

President / Founder

Alson is really good at managing projects and designing. He looks closely at every little detail and knows a lot about the rules for building and designing in New York City. This helps him make sure all projects are done right and follow the law.

He’s also an expert in fixing up the inside of buildings. Alson knows everything about electrical work, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. This means he can make sure everything works well together in a project, from start to finish. Alson keeps up with the latest styles for kitchens, bathrooms, and knows the best materials to use. This makes him great at making spaces look modern and feel comfortable.

Under Alson’s watch, Archi-Builders has become famous for its smart building and design work. The company is known for its fresh ideas and commitment to quality. Alson’s career is all about being dedicated to making buildings and designs that stand out.

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