About ArchiBuilders

About us

Founded in Albania with the name “Alcon”  and here as “ArchiBuilders”, the company has established itself as one of the most prestigious companies in the Albanian market and now on in NY as well, for construction and development.

This company is one of the few companies that have moved together with democratic developments in Albania and have contributed to the development of the country through construction projects. Today, our company is a leader in the construction sector nationwide.

Our products include projects in residential, commercial buildings, and public sector construction projects. We pride ourselves on the variety of services that we realize including engineering and design, coordination, and supervision of works in various private and public projects.

We are pursuing and implementing highly sophisticated and important projects on the national scale through individual projects as well as collaborations with other national actors. We crossover the knowledge about the sector, ability, experience, and our dedication to successfully complete each project.

Our mission is to provide our exceptional experience and expertise in construction services, and implementation in the construction industry in the Albanian and US market. With a qualified and devoted staff our company has achieved stellar accomplishments in our field of expertise. As a result, the “ArchiBuilders” name is closely associated with the highest standards in the Albanian & US construction industry.

President of Construction Company

Alson Bibaj

President / Founder

With over 15 years of construction expertise, Alson Bibaj leads ArchiBuilders as its President now. His hands-on experience and leadership in construction, inspection, and project management drive our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Rooted in construction mastery, Alson’s career spans project management, subcontractor coordination, cost estimation, and supervision. He ensures that each project is executed with precision and flawless execution.

Alson’s leadership shines as he adeptly manages diverse teams and navigates complex projects. His extensive experience as a Project Manager across various projects highlights his skill in seamlessly coordinating field and office operations.

Guided by Alson’s seasoned expertise, ArchiBuilders transforms visionary concepts into tangible reality. Witness how ArchiBuilders constructs excellence from the ground up. Experience the Art of Construction with us – where your vision meets our expertise, resulting in unparalleled excellence.

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