Mix Use Building - Archibuilders
3D rendering of a modern multi-story building showcasing sleek balconies, contrasting textures, and a wooden accent panel, exemplifying contemporary Architectural Design.

Modern Elegance Suite

Date: October 2014
Location: Tirana, Albania
Value $1M
Client: Xherdo SHPK
Category Residential & Commercial 

The building is located at the intersection of two streets “Sulejman Pitarka” and “Nikolla Lena”. The new building has 1 commercial floor and 3 residential floors and 1 underground floor for parking vehicles. The total area of ​​the facility is 8000 SF. The architecture is adapted to the situation in the general plan and the nature or destination of the building.

Our Solutions

In this solution, clean and simple geometric shapes are preferred, which tend to give the building a more modern appearance, as well as the use of architectural elements in the facade to have a reflection of a contemporary building that is visually pleasing. The solution of the cracks in the facade was carried out according to the need for light in each environment. The new building has reinforced concrete construction and a beam-column constructive system.